Dan's TKD Black Belt Test

February 7, 2005
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Mom and Aunt Shirley

Dan started TKD to keep in shape. But, Dan soon found that TKD is a challenge and he accepted the challege. Dan has gone through the ranks (manay colored belts) while attending Kansas State University. This was not a class, but an outside activity. His instructor is Master Moore who has become a life-long friend.

When Dan sets his mind to achieve someting, he does it!

Dan getting picked on before the test

Testing basic moves with a 4-degree black belt

Dan has him now

Standing for testing






Dan is sizing up his opponent

Dan is ready to block a kick

Dan is going to kick the board and break it smithereens. Later on, he will do the same with his hand, but the camera was not fast enough to get the picuture.

Dan with his broken boards after testing

Dan says he did OK and his instructor agreed.
A good time was had by all at Bennigan's in Topeka. Uncle Jim joined us for a fine lunch.


Sister Sara and Brother Dan