The antennas fit on a city lot that is 80 feet by 150 feet. The tower is Rohn 25 guyed at 30 and 60 feet. The guy points are raised 8-inch steel posts buried 3-4 feet in the ground with about a yard and a half of concrete. I wish there were more! Each post is filled with concrete.

The anntenas consist of a Force-12 C3E/D that replaced a TH6DXX which was over 30 years old. The C3E/D was put up in October of 2006 with the help of W0NO, AB0S, and AB0TX..

I have 80 and 40 meter Inverted-Vees and a Inverted-L on 160 meters with an extensive ground plane in the backyard. The groundplane is a half moon running from the base of the tower to the backyard. The radials are all random length and are tied to a stainless steel ring which is tapped for machines screws. The Inverted-L's horizontal member goes to a 20 foot pine tree in the front of the house and slopes down from the tower. I lost a hugh elm tree in the wind last fall and thus lost a great place for the Inverted-L. The wire anntenas are all held up by trees on the lot. I also have a dipole for 30 meters stuck in the trees and a low height.

I have a full 1/4 wave verticle for 40 meters in the backyard with 16 radials. The verticle was built for less than 30 dollars from local parts. It really works well.

I have started to work 2-meter VHF SSB and CW. I have a 13 element Cushcraft beam at 68 feet. I feed that anntena with RG213 (what I had on hand at the time) with 100 watts.

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The Antennas












An Artistic Shot

The C3E/D pointing to Europe

A shot up the tower

A look at the C3E/D from the street