Sara's Graduation Pictures
K-State - May 22, 2004
8:30 a.m.

Ruby with her $80,000 ticket

Part of the Gang of Petersons

Dan and Tara wait for the festivities

Big Crowd

Happy Girl

Sara Gets Graduated (Joe is in the foreground)

Dr. Paul Hunt congratulates Sara

Happy, Happy, Happy Girl

Pretty in Pink

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Dad

Higgenbothem Gate

The Usual Suspects

The Party Begins (201 McCain -The Band Room)

Grandma got up early like a lot of other people that attended

Cousins Ben(Frosh at KU)and Abby(Senior at Rutgers)

Sara and her Cake (Made by Wanda Miller)

Sara's College Day's Table

Sara and Tara
(High School, College friends and now out in the work world)