K0WA Links

Everyone has links. What is the big deal? Well, I thought I would jump into
the Link thing too and see what I could come up with. Enjoy!

Elecraft - Everyone should know about this one! ICOM - Nothing new here!
Palstar - I just own a AT1500CV, which I like Eham.com - Cool place to get Ham Radio Information
Contesting.com - I love to contest FISTS - Hey, CW rocks and rules!
QTH.com - Another good place to hang out QRZ.com - Lots a good stuff here
ACOM - I like the amps, I wish I could afford one Ham Radio Market - You got to read this stuff
Fingerdimple - I love "cottage" industries. Ham Radio Deluxe - Cool Software, I recommend
Radio Calculations - Neat on-line programs ARRL - The guys in Newington, CT - W1AW
RF Cafe - For engineer types or the curious person SteppIR - I wish I could afford one
Rig Pix - So you can see what your are bidding on QTH.com - Great Service
Quick Silver - Antennas, parts and pieces XE1BEF Antenna Page - watch out for the orange
AC6V - This guy is Mr. Link! W3FPR - Elecraft Expert - one of many, but he is good!
N0SS - Elecraft Expert - Great Guy - Good Info WM7D - What is old SOL doing these days?
Misek Antenna Research - Beverage Antenna Info K1FZ - Beverage Antenna Transformers
HCDX Beverage Antennas - How to make Xformers Two Wire Beverage - Good Article
Antenna Links - Wow, a lot of stuff here Solar Cylce 24 - Good information about the Sun
ExpressPCB - Cool place if you like to build DX Summit - Great place to see DX
K1EL - K-Keyers - Winkey and others (Good) FlexRadio Systems - Software Defined Radio (cool)
HF Projects - Build-Build-Build - More Power ARRL Log Book of the World - QSL for ARRL Members
Pneumatic Antenna Launching - These guys are serious! Hex Beam by K4KIO - One of Many Hex Beam Pages