I am not Afraid of Big Government

Lee Buller
Copyright 2004

I am no longer scared of Big Government. In fact, I kind of look on Big Government (BG) as a nice warm Teddy Bear ready to hug. At least I know who to contact when I am not pleased with BG, i.e. my representative or my senator. What I am scared of is Big Media (BM). Big Media scares the BM out of me more than anything else. al Queda, the Taliban, John Kerry, or George Bush, don't scare me as much as Big Media.

These "news entities" just cannot be trusted. Name one of them who can? You see, Big Media is really a prostitute. What is the goal of a prostitute? Money! Money is the goal of BM and BM will spread its legs for a dollar at a drop of a hat. They are after your money! You think the Big Government has a hand on your wallet? Big Media is not only in your wallet but they know what you are going to buy and when you are going to buy it. They can also get you to buy anything they want you to. They are targeting you, your kids, and your future unborn children.

BM is dangerous, conniving, shifty, fickle, and totally unaccountable to anyone. All BM cares for is money. Show me the money! I am so fed up with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet along with all the other BM outlets in radio and newspaper. Now then ask yourself this question: Who are you going to call when you don't like what BM is doing? Peter Jennings? Dan Rather? Rupert Murdock? How about IMUS? Oh, yes The No Spin Zone? At least I can write or call my Kansas congressional representatives of Tihart, Brownback or Roberts. I can even find their telephone numbers.

There is no one to call, write or email when it comes to Big Media. I believe BM does not give one wit for what you think because BM wants to think for you. Big Media wants you to accept the opinions, derisions, and mental gymnastics they pour out of their mouths every day, 24 hours a day, all year long for years. God help us understand the lie. Here is what they want. They want you to tune in, hear their clap trap, one-sided, drivel which they call "news" all in 40 second sound bites so they can sell you Coca Cola, Imodium AD, Cialis, Levitron, and Viagra. They do this to sell us a plethora of things we just don't need or want.

Big Government is not in control of this country any longer, but Big Media is. Big Media is setting the agenda, electing the officials, splitting our nation, polarizing us, and stupefying the silent majority.

So what do we do? Stop buying all the junk that is thrust into our faces each day? Do you buy much of that now? What are we going to do, gather all together and boycott Imodium AD? How are you going to do that when we can't get more that 30 percent of the people out to vote?

So, how did we get here? In the early 80s, broadcasting was de-regulated and much of the governmental rules were thrown out. The Fairness Doctrine was eliminated where the media had to give time to both sides of an issue in a fair venue without the use of "so-called" experts. A policy was changed that required a certain amount of news and public affairs to be broadcast on the fiduciary broadcast spectrum. Policies were changed on how elections were conducted on the public airwaves. These rules were thrown out to give broadcasters a wide open vista to make money. To compete, newspapers and magazine left the high vaulted place of journalism ethics and came down to the sludge pit to feast on money. Now, we have Big Media where media companies can own all of the radio, television and newspaper outlets in one city.

How do we correct this mess? As much as I hate to say it we have to look to Big Government to kill the Big Media beast…a beast that is killing our nation and destroying democracy one newscast, one feature, and one unfairly reported story at a time. I am not afraid of Big Government, but I am terrified of Big Media. You will find me under my bed.