Why I Love America
by Lee Buller
June 2005

I can go to any church I want to.
I don't have to go to church at all.
I can travel to the next town without "papers."
I can go to the grocery store and find a plethora of food.
I can go to the grocery store without the fear of being blown up.
I dont' have to get my opinion across by blowing myself up.

I can own property.
I can drive a car and go anywhere.
I do not need permission.
I can save money.
I can spend money.
I can pay taxes to have the great roads and highways we have.
I can travel on large four lane highways in safety.
I have clean abundant running water.
I have a garbage pickup once a week.
I don't have to shit and piss in the backyard.
I have flush toilets.
I have safe food.
I have access to medical care even though it might be expensive.
I can work a job one day, quit, and move to another job the next day.
I can worship my God…or any god.
I can pursue my dreams.
I can start a business.
I can end a business.
I can make all the money I want.
I can hire a lawyer who is for me.
I have due process of Law.
I have protection by Police.
I don't have to carry a gun.
I can own a gun or rifle.

I have the right to carry a gun.
I have the right to own a gun, typewriter, computer, and printing press.
I have the right to speak the truth.
I can call anyone…anywhere…without wiretaps on the phone.
I can pay my debts with Legal Tender or barter.
I can see any movie I want…or not want to watch.
I have an off switch on the television.
I have more that 70 channels to choose from on the television.
I can buy anything I can afford.
I can get a bank loan for those things I cannot afford.
I can own a radio.
I can grow my own food and it is mine to eat or sell.
I can marry anyone whom I choose.
I can have as many children as I want, or have none at all.
I can go to school.
I can get a college degree…in anything I choose.
I can be a leader.
I can run for office and impact the society.
I can criticize our leaders without repercussions.
I can own a newspaper, television or radio station.
I can own a house.
I can sell a house.
I can serve my country, but I don't have to if I choose not to.
I can get good phone service.
I can send a letter across town or across the nation.
I can send a letter anywhere without having it intercepted by authorities.
I have nothing to fear from my government as long as I adhere to the Law.
I can have an opinion and express them.
I can be for…or opposed to any political process.
I can succeed by the sweat of my brow.
I have the right or trial by jury.
I have the right to appeal a court decision.
I can say what I don't like about society.
I am free.
I have liberty.
I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I am afforded all the rights of an American.
I love America…despite all its faults, blemishes, and spots.
I realize that there are a lot of people in the world who envy where I live.